Anne Frank: The diary of a young girl

its been months since i last wrote a review of a book and i just want to apologize to those who waited for my update, i have been busy.

now i want to share to you the auto-biography of Anne Frank, a Jewish young girl who suffered because of the world war II.

I have reread this book due to my requirement, and as i read the book again, i regained the strange feelings that I’ve felt before.

this book will make you think and think and think of things that you have done and this will wake you up with self appreciation to things you have, it will muddle your mind in a good way.

Anne was very moving and amusing on how she had written her diary, it will make you feel young again, the excitement with a mix of horror and pity to her, her family, the Van Daan’s and all the people who were involved in the war who never did anything to cause it.

I’ll stop here, now it’s your time to read it. ^_^

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