Stolen Child

For the past few weeks I’ve wandered if I would just copy and paste the reviews from the sources in the internet so that they could say that my web site would not be in the pit, but I’ve decided myself after a bit of rethinking that its no use even if you post from reviews of others for your just fooling your own self.

That’s why here’s my review about the book that I’m currently reading the STOLEN CHILD by KEITH DONOHUE.

When i have seen the front cover i thought its like the A CHILD CALLED “IT” but when i started reading it, it gives me chills and something different. It’s a fantasy or something like a myth because it talks about faeries, and in the first part the persona mentioned about satyrs, fauns, pukas, trolls and many more.

In the story children are involved, I think based from my reading that it portrays how mindless, careless we are when we are still children wherein we wouldn’t have wanted to grow old but because of the changelings, it differs and it also shows how our environment have changed.

So i think i have given a better glimpse of the story already, so guys grab a copy now… 😀

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William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

I know that you know that we all know how the story of Romeo and Juliet goes, right?

Who wouldn’t be when it was portrayed on stage plays, into movies and we are also learning it in school?

But I wonder if anyone has ever read the real book of Romeo and Juliet, then understand how the idioms of William Shakespeare goes.

If you still haven’t, start reading and appreciate the real scenario’s from William’s mind..


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Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl- The time Paradox book 6 was the one that i have read, though i really have no clue about getting it, what i really want is the Ink Heart.

But upon reading it, i was really engrossed about it, though my only mistake was to start at book 6 which apparently i have seen too late.

The codes below every page will make you really investigate, just to decode it.

This series of books are really interesting..

try it guys…artemisartemis1

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les miserables

A book that was known because it was portrayed in theater plays many times.

And Lea Salonga was one of the characters when this was played in theater play.

It is said that its new movie that came from this book is now showing in Manila.

This book was centered to the struggles of the ex convict Jean Valjean and his experiences on getting saved.

Then grab this book at bookstores or read online…


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